“A Man’s Home is His Castle”

When you see houses, you see wood, brick, concrete blocks or some combination of these, as well as taking many man-hours to build it. WinSun Decoration Design Engineering will just 3-D print them.

Companies are creating different ways to manufacture buildings. WinSun, a Chinese company, is creating new and faster ways to create houses that are cheap, affordable and appealing. The idea is to mass produce houses that will be cheap and affordable to the large population of increasing urbanization within China.

The company printed 10 single-story houses in under 24 hours. Each of the houses cost about $5,000. WinSun has used a “cement-based mixture containing construction wast and glass fiber,” in order to keep the cost down and be eco-friendly. CEO Ma Yihe said, “Industrial waste from demolished buildings is damaging our environment, but with 3D-printing, we are able to recycle construction waste and turn it into new building materials.”

Image via www.3ders.org
WinSun 3-D printed mansion

He also said that it would be a safer environment for the workers and it would reduce the construction costs. Each of the houses are designed in order to accommodate plumbing, electrical wiring and insulation after they are printed.
Others, such as Lewis Yakich, owner of The Lewis Grand, and Andrey Rudenko of Minnesota, have also been developing 3-D printing for houses. In each of the cases, there have been improvements along the way, leading to better ideas on how to complete the prints faster and more effectively.

Almost complete 3D printed villa, including the 3D printed Jacuzzi (left)
Almost complete 3D printed villa, including the 3D printed Jacuzzi (left)

“I plan to roll over some of the cost savings of using a 3D printer to give a more quality house for the low income homes,” Yakich explains. “It would be great if I could give them all mini mansions! The people here would go nuts over my homes.”


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