Big Brother is watching. (well, trying to)

Well, it had to come up some time. Hey, government? Don’t tell people what they can and can’t do. Because they will probably do what they want to, no matter what.

So, weapons. There is quite a bit of controversy over the manufacturing of guns via 3-D printers. When Cody Wilson put the digital copies out for anyone to download and print, it created quite a bit of discussion for the legality of 3-D printed guns. There is all sorts of articles and blogs about the building of handguns, rifles, and there is even an article about 3-D printed guided missiles. raytheon1

Obviously, there is enough material about the ethical and legal issue of printing guns to be more than we ever want to care about. But that is your own issue. I want the guts of these interesting marvels.

Raytheon is the company that is in the process of building those guided missiles. They have all of the ability to print about 80% of the necessary components, which include, “include rocket engines, fins, parts for the guidance and control systems, and more.”

It is interesting to think that one day, you will be able to print your weapons on the field, instead of getting them from the States. Have the components within a few hours, verses weeks. Just imagine the difference in the way that you would be doing warfare. People, for the most part, steal the finished product. But with the 3-D printing, as you take away that raw material, you will steal that ability to print those weapons. You may not have the printer, but they don’t have the material, so ha!

With each of these things, you have to be able to understand where the other side is coming from. People want the ability to do what they want, and the government (skeptically) is looking out for our interests. So should we have Big Brother watching and telling us what to do? How do you want to live your life?


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